lundi 7 mars 2011

Project Neptune Keylogger tutorial.+ free download

Feature Rundown:

[+] Mouse over features on the builder to view more information about them!
[+] All characters on English Keyboards are logged.
[+] Uses my own custom written Keyboard Hook.
[+] Vital processes are all multithreaded, allowing safe log sending.
[+] Ability to send logs through Email and/or FTP.
[+] Customizable log interval.
[+] Logs are simple and uncluttered.
[+] Customizable log settings.
[+] Ability to disable Task Manager through registry.
[+] Ability to disable Task Manager through process killing.
[+] Ability to disable Task Manager through process list deletion.
[+] Ability to block any number of websites you want.
[+] Ability to delete Internet Explorer history.
[+] Ability to disable:

* [+] Registry
* [+] Run
* [+] Right Clicking
* [+] CMD
* [+] UAC

[+] Customizable mutex string.
[+] Customizable process name.
[+] Edit file's description.
[+] Edit file's copyright.
[+] Edit file's company.
[+] Encrypted settings.
[+] MD5 display of generated server.
[+] Ability to copy another file's creation date to it.
[+] File pumping options in KB and MB. [1.2]
[+] Easily cure yourself once infected. [1.2]
[+] Fake error messages.
[+] Screenshots.
[+] Self destruct on selected date.
[+] Savable app settings - Easily customize and save all your settings for easy organization and future use.
[+] Semi-Custom Server Generation - Neptune uses CodeDOM technology and produces a unique server on every generation.
[+] Auto Update Technology - You no longer have to waste time looking for and downloading updates, they're now all automatic.
[+] Multi File Binding [1.3] -

* [+] Allows unlimited files.
* [+] Each file has a customizable delay.
* [+] Each file has a customizable drop location.
* [+] Displays each file's MD5 for verification.
* [+] Ability to copy each file's MD5.
* [+] All options work with all of the selected files.
* [+] Drag & Drop support for unlimited amounts of files and folders.


[~] Post your config file in code tags if you have any errors.
[~] This project will most likely end up being open-source.
[~] Do not PM me!
[~] Some settings require the file to be ran as administrator, resulting in crashes if not.
[~] Extract ALL files from the .RAR or else it will not work.
[~] Please post all errors you receive!
[~] All files require .NET Framework Version 2.0 SP2, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HAVE .NET RTM!
[~] I am not responsible for anything you do with this.
[~] Say thanks!

These are the people who are helping you by keeping this project free. Donate to get your name here!
[+] KrazyTurk
[+] Rudixx
[+] normalcy
[+] Kornpar